Saturday, April 21, 2018


Have you ever had one of those days where you're in the middle of doing something and you think, I'm glad to be doing this? Then that thought leads you to think of something else that you're grateful for? Your friends, your family, the sunshine, a great cup of tea, an entertaining book or fantastic show - whatever - you get on this train of thought about all the things you're grateful for and then you find yourself feeling so happy that you're grateful for the fact that you have soooooooo much to be grateful for (because you know, sometimes life can really be crap) and then you find yourself grinning like an idiot in the middle of the street with twenty-seven strangers staring at you like you're stark-raving-mad? Or is that just me?

I mean to tell you I was on my way back from the shoe-repair shop this afternoon when the above experience happened. I was happy the cobbler (are they still called that?) was going to be able to fix my old shoe, the sun was out, birds were chirping away happily, the first few flowers of spring made their appearance and I was just really happy and grateful and I wanted to come here and share that because among the things I was grateful for were the following: 

1) I had some really terrific friends who put me onto LEKfit, the workout I'm in love with
2) I started this blog and one of my besties sparked the idea for the 30-Day Core Challenge and I think it might be working because I tried on an old pair of trousers that I need for an event next week and they fit beautifully - AND - I then risked trying a dress I have been afraid to put on in literally over a decade (I am not even joking, and ladies let this be a lesson, never shop on trend, always shop for classic pieces and you'll have them forever) and while I am not quite sure I'm up for wearing the dress quite yet, it didn't make me want to dive into a tub of Ben & Jerry's (the vegan one) so I was grateful
3) I still have 8.5 days until the event so who knows what the core challenge might do
4) this week's class has core as it's focus (I'm dying just so we're clear)
5) I dug out an old pair of shoes that I could take to the repair shop (which started this gratitude rant) to wear to said event so I didn't have to go shoe-shopping. I don't love it. It's maybe only a step above swimsuit shopping which for me is the ninth circle of hell so... grateful!

And finally I'm really grateful that I have a small space in the world where I can come to share happy thoughts.

If anyone out there is doing the 30-Day Challenge, how you holding up? For me, it doesn't matter if I start on my left side or my right side, that first round of core twisters makes me want to vomit for real! It is no joke and I have so far not been able to complete the entire workout all the way through without stopping at least once. It's five minutes people! But it's so hard. It's the kind of hard that makes you cry "Uncle" but it hurts so good you want to keep going and do it again and again. So I guess it's kind of the ideal little workout for this particular challenge.

Hope wherever this finds you, you're enjoying your day.

Lots of love,


  1. It's quite incredible that after so many days I can not do the chore workout without collapsing at least twice between pulling inwards and the hold it... it's just so hard!!!! This morning after doing the class and the core workout my arms were shaking for a good while can she talk so elegantly while doing this workout? But I must say it's paying off... I can feel my abs are slowly pulling in and the tire is slooowly melting... I still have a long way to go but I'm seeing changes and that really makes it all worth the 5 minute hell...
    Isn't spring just magnificient? I was working at the garden this weekend and my cherry tree was in full bloom, all the bees flying around it, what an amazing time, specially after this killer winter we've all seem to have had... Happy earth day and happy Saint George's Day today!!

    1. It's so amazing to know that we have the power to make changes if we're given the right tools, right? It is like five minutes of hell - but I am seeing a difference too. And that's a great question, how the hell does she just talk through it like she's sitting in a chair doing nothing at all. She's not even breathless. It's amazing.