Thursday, April 12, 2018

Doing my part...

Hey guys,

To say that it thrills me to no end that you're here reading this would be a massive understatement. I am just so excited to back in my space talking about what I love to do - and that's workout. I'm still amused by the fact that I write about fitness when it's nowhere near my line of work. (I write for film and television and spend hours in the writing room, sitting on my butt, making shit up and eating a crap-load of snacks for real lol - the fact that I can even manage to get into leggings is a miracle in itself!

For those of you that don't know me - I took the photo, I'm not in it

Seriously though, the idea that it resonates with y'all makes me want to continue so here I am for the second instalment of my new series -


This is going to be a quickie post because I have a day full of meetings lined up, but ostensibly, what I have planned for the series is to talk about my favorite classes and why they're my favorite. Discuss aspects of the workout that make it so unique and fitting for my workout needs, share things that have worked or not worked for me when I'm hit with a challenging move or class and the truth is, I want to create a little community of like-minded (re:open-minded, non-judgemental) souls in a safe space where we can come, have a coffee or a smoothie, hang out, shoot the shit and have a laugh as we try to manage our mid-life (and midriff). And we can do that in our PJ's while we connect if we want. Remember, no judging.

But what has motivated this post today was Lauren herself, the creator of LEKfit - she writes a weekly message to subscribers of her On Demand at home workout called Wellness Wednesday and she had such a lovely message yesterday about getting and staying motivated. As many of us know that can be really hard to do when you workout at home by yourself. Her suggestion was to post a workout selfie of you doing your favorite move or a move you have mastered to keep yourself accountable through social media. It will help motivate you and keep you connected and plugged into the a community. The hashtag for that is:


You should totally do that if workout selfies are your thing. You do you girl. I, on the other hand am not a selfie girl. At all, at all, at all! And workout selfie? Never in a million years. Good grief, I can't stand the sight of my sweatie self, I don't want to subject you to it - BUT - I wanted to do my part in helping us all stay motivated and connected. It's the reason I decided to start up the new series. So whether you post pics on social media or not, I invite you to stop in, share your experiences of WHATEVER workout you're doing, share, celebrate, commiserate, laugh and connect.

We can workout alone, but we don't have to be alone while we workout, you feel me?

Looking forward to your thoughts.


  1. First of all, I remember you writing about wanting to be a writer many years ago and look at you now (even if you aren't in the picture, I'm on to you 😂) !!! I just wanted to acknowledge that, so amazing.

    I did the sculpt yesterday and I notice I'm not as sore and drained. So hopefully sticking more to the food can help with weight loss. I am not a selfie person either and definitely not a sweaty selfie. I did it once and just showed my dogs passed out next to the trampoline! But I like having another space to motivate. I'm going to have to travel unexpectedly tomorrow to deal with a family emergency and having sculpt should be doable.

    Xoxo 🖤

    1. I can't believe you remember that, Erica. And yes, I pinch myself daily to make sure I'm not dreaming. Lol

      There is something very special about the sculpt classes. They do energize you and not drain you but I also find the more times in the week I do it - the more I start to feel it and I love that. It lets me know I'm working.

      I am really sorry to hear that you have a family emergency. I hope that everything works out okay. Safe journey and I'll keep you in my thoughts.