Monday, March 14, 2016

Why hello there stranger!

I am not going to even attempt an apology for my absence. That would just be way too Canadian. Can you hear Justin Bieber crooning "Is it too late now to say sorry?" As Canadians we apologize way too much, so even though I might be thinking it, not gonna say it.

But guess what? I'm writing a new feature script. Oh don't get too excited it's in the embryonic stages, like if it were a baby growing inside my belly it would be the size of a lentil. I mean to tell you that you are not gonna see this thing for at least a decade if you see it at all. We were recently getting ready to go to camera on a script I wrote that's eleven years old when the final 20% of our budget fell through causing the whole thing to collapse. Yep, I willingly chose this life, no one is holding a gun to my head, although... truth be told some days I feel like holding a gun to my own head. Chill Winston, it's a joke.

So why tell you all this now... after being away for months? Because for some very odd reason, when I'm working on a new screenplay I suddenly have the urge to blog, to write, to talk about stuff and to connect with you my darling friend. I say "friend" singular because I'd consider myself blessed and fortunate if there is even one person left reading this wee corner of the internet that has, until recently been collecting dust, growing cobwebs, and being serenaded by the sound of crickets!

I'm not even kidding, it's actually this bad.

Doesn't even matter because I'm back. Yeah, I know you've heard it all before. I come back for one day then you don't hear from me for weeks or months on end. I'm that crappy unreliable friend who can never get her shit together. Look, I won't promise that I'm going to be here every day, but I might. You might see another message in the old inbox and go, Jeez, that windbag again? Sick of her already.

I've had so many things swirling around in my head that I've wanted to discuss lately. Pets, politics, the arts, health, damn I'm feeling pretty well-rounded at the moment. I know I'm late to the party with the whole lack of diversity at the Oscars but it's something I really want to discuss. Just not today. (Could you possibly come at this any later Shan? Honestly!) Look Judgey-McJudgerson, I have never claimed to be a current events reporter okay so just get off my back.

Since I opened with Justin Bieber, I'd like to talk a little about another Justin who's been on my mind. Justin Trudeau! For you, my one reader who is more than likely NOT Canadian, JT is the shiny new Prime Minister of Canada and I am digging him. Obviously no leader is perfect but I like the way this guy thinks. And did you know that he was recently invited to the White House for dinner? And did you further know that this is the first time that this has happened in nineteen years?!? I am not the most politically minded individual so I don't pay a whole lot of attention to what the peeps in office are usually up to, but I had sort of just assumed that you know, Canada and the US were sort of buddies. Talking about stuff that affects us mutually since we're so close and all, but no! I was shocked to learn that has not been the case. 

I guess it makes sense when you consider our former PM? He was so robotic, never gave a shit about anyone unless they had piles of cash and ack - that hair of his, total helmut head. Speaking of bad hair... you know where I'm going right? Trump? Oh My God America WTF! Wait don't lemme get ahead of myself, I want to talk some more about how great the two current leaders are.

I just adore adore adore love love love Obama - you see her face??

That's totally the face I'd make if I got to pose with him for a selfie for sure!
So the Obamas invited the Trudeaus over for dinner and the jokes between these two were brilliant. You should check out their speeches if you get a chance or are so inclined. The reason I love Obama so much is because he seemed like the only guy in politics who wasn't a crook and who actually had concern for the people he was elected to lead. I am now proud to say there is a similar leader in the free world.

JT has been criticized for so many things from his lack of experience and the diverse range of jobs he's had (he was a bouncer in a bar and snow board instructor, no wonder he's talking about legalizing weed), some are saying he's too young (that must just be the olds talking) or that he is too liberal. But where so many leaders spoon feed us fear with talk of terrorism and the enemy, JT has welcomed Syrian refugees into our country. Now I am not saying that terrorism isn't real, it totally is but he defends his choice by saying that the people fleeing these terrible situations are just as afraid of these monsters as the rest of us are. They are human beings, families with children who want to see their kids go to school, grow up, get married and have their own children same as you and me. He recently did an interview on 60 Minutes (where he again was criticized for being a light-weight, which I thoroughly disagree with) when he said: "Ultimately, being open and respectful toward each other is a much more powerful way to defuse hatred and anger than layering on big walls and oppressive policies." He also said: "I stand firmly against the politics of division, the politics of fear." He could be an honorary member of the TAMILY, yo! Maybe we could get his wife into streaming if she doesn't do it already.

I digress. Needless to say, his view point made me a little prouder to be Canadian. Still, we have some issues in Canada that need to be firmly addressed. We need to know how and why so many of our Indigenous women and girls are being murdered or going missing and why no one seems concerned?! The number of women on that list is well up over 1100. Just imagine if you suddenly read a news headline that said over 1100 white middle income women have either gone missing or have been murdered and NO ONE is being held responsible? Shock, outrage! Sadly because these women are not white, their story rarely even reaches the papers. Instead, our former PM said when asked if there would be an inquiry: "Frankly, it's just not a priority for us at this time." What? WHAT?!? JT has promised us an inquiry this spring - I hope he doesn't let us down.

Additionally, over 30% of Canada's reserves have been under a "boil water" advisory for more than a decade. That means that people do not have access to clean safe water. If current governments continue with the practice and policy of big money first, oil, mining etc. it won't be long before our entire planet is under a boil water advisory. We need to wake up! Which leads me to you America.

Donald Trump? What's up with that? How is he winning over so many states? How is he getting traction and making head-way? Someone please tell me?

Writer Scott Feschuck of MacLean's Magazine recently penned a brilliant article of the crisis we are going to be facing if that man gets elected. It's hilarious and scary and you can read it HERE.

Yikes, I'm outta time. I'll look forward to chatting with you again soon. I have a couple of more rants in me and some new body issues I'm keen to discuss.
Talk soon?



  1. I'm so glad you are back!!!! I'm so glad that my mornings with my cuppa reading my favorite writer ever are about to become a fact again, (hey!! no pressure!!)... Love that you are talking politics!!! I'm a firm believer that Justin Trudeau is going to do great things for Canada, give him time, but I think he won't deceive you!!! I'm also really also freaked about Donald Trump, I still think one day, before the election he's just going to say to everyone, Hey!! It was a joke, I'm not running after all!!!!.... That will be the day huh???
    Anyway, I'm glad our social club is back (again, no pressure) We love your space !!! so much!!!!

    1. Thank you my sweet friend. I look forward to sharing space here once again as well! Oh and expect some mid-life crisis talk coming soon too. Lol

  2. Hey Shan,

    Soo its not Justin Timberlake ..? !! Ha ha ! that would have been something for sure!
    I second Natalia - nice to have this page back again. I love your intimate writing style, its a pleasure to read - whatever you choose to write about.

    1. ha ha, Sophie, can you imagine. Justine Timberlake running Canada and Trump in the US. Gong show.
      Happy to be back and to see you both here. Mwah!

  3. Shan,
    So glad to find this in my inbox! Love to read anything you want to write. I'm going to keep my political opinions to myself, but will say I am not an Obama fan.
    Best of luck writing the new screen play! So exciting!! Even if it's early.
    Look forward to reading your blog with my morning coffee again!
    x Kelly

    1. Hey Kelly, You are not alone. A few of my American pals have said that. No worries, I don't discriminate.
      Nice to see you here too!

  4. Hello, from the North of England U.K. Just saying soooo glad your back!

  5. Hi, no it isn't Janice it's Bev. Never commented on a blog before so not sure how thing's work. Have kept checking to see if you would return and am so glad you have.

    1. Hi Bev. It's nice to meet you and so cool to know you're up in the north of England along with my pal Janice. Thanks for hanging out. xoxo