Thursday, March 17, 2016

For Our Amusement

Sometimes when I'm writing a new script, creating that brand new world, and filling it (hopefully) with real-ish, three dimensional characters, I must do what every writer secretly or not-so-secretly loves to do... research. 

Not the boring, clinical, reams and reams of unreadable technical jargon kind of research, I mean stuff like watching a movie that might be similar to the one I'm writing (don't want to be repeaty or reinvent the wheel here people), or read a book, or troll the internet for fun facts like hip restaurants that you might want your character to go to in her hometown of New York City. You choose New York City because obviously you've always wanted to live there and writing about someone else's fantastic adventures there, albeit fictional, makes you feel just that little bit closer to your dream. You don't? That's only me? Okay never mind.

What I am trying to say is that the kind of research I often get to do is fun, I enjoy it, and... it allows me to put off the writing for just a few more minutes. Yeah, there it is, the naked truth. So here we are.

I was doing exactly that, "research" when I came to the end of an episode of a Chuck Lorre Production. Now for those of you who don't know who Chuck Lorre is, shame on you! Just kidding, no shaming here. He is an American television writer, director, producer, composer, he's just basically TV God, okay? Was this how you pictured God?? Me either, thought the beard would be longer and whiter.

Anyway... He's done shows like The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, Mom, Cybill and Grace Under Fire (that last one's a personal fave!!!) In any case at the end of each episode he writes a random blurb, a thought,  or commentary. They are hilarious and brilliant and nutty and wild. I love them.

So as I further my daily writing procrastination, I thought I'd pop 'round here to share: 

Chuck Lorre Production #424 

Sometimes when I had a particularly bad golf shot I find myself looking for the ball where I want it to be rather then where it most likely is. On a personal level this could be written off as a heartless bit of wishful thinking but on a macro level, it reveals an evolutionary character flaw that has Darwinian implications. What are the long-term survival chances of a species that is unwilling to see things as they are when "as they are" is not how it wants them to be? The answer, of course, is slim to woolly mammoth. In fact, it's a hop, skip, and jump from a missing Titleist to mass extinction.

We want to believe that nuclear weapons will not fall into psychotic hands or that if they do, heroes will stop them. We want to believe that catastrophic climate change won't upset our plans for the weekend. And if it does, scientists will build space stations where a select few of us will live happily ever after (and they'll need middle-age sitcom Raiders with bronchitis.) 

We want to believe that medicine will make amazing strides before we die, and we won't die. And if we do, spiritual forces will usher us into a better world. We want to believe our ball is not in the pond. And if it is, we will knock the next shot stiff and make no worse than a bogey. We want to believe there's a flash of insight at the end of this vanity card. And if there's not, we can keep writing until we somehow twist the golf metaphor into something mildly amusing.

Hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. Thanks Chuck!

You sick of me yet? Third post in a week, good lord somebody stop me!


  1. Hi Shan! I'm so glad to read what you have to say! Three posts in a week is a bonus!! You've hit on some serious topics and I think you've got it all right.

    First, in my opinion the US Presidential election has gotten off to a plain ugly start, Trump? Honestly, I can't wrap my brain around the logic in supporting him as THE public official in our country. Get smart people, this person is not a leader.

    I was really touched by your second post, and this white girl has new perspective. I've worked in a government relations capacity with the tribes in Oregon for the past seventeen years, and you've really got me thinking about how I can make a difference. It's frightening how little people know about the indigenous people of North America, and evident in the serious cultural insensitivities (i.e. racism) that abounds today. I'd like to be able to talk about this topic more and if you can offer any suggestions for books, websites, blogs, etc. will you please let me know? Matika Wilbur's project is breathtaking, thank you for sharing.

    Okay, then there is Chuck Lorre. I'm the person that pauses the TV and then has to stand really close to the screen to read what he has to say! Always brilliant and hilarious and wise. :)

    Okay and now TA! I turn 40 this year and just booked myself for a Vitality Week in her Hampton's studio (with my GYBG Ashley whom I've never met in person) as a gift to myself. I'm so excited and terrified! I'm literally going to sweat it out with the muffin-top slayer herself! :) I'll revisit your blog about the NYC weekend but if there are any other tidbits you can offer to help get the best out of the time will you please share? Ashley said it best..."we're gonna die but also be happy...and live." I think we might be a little insane.

    1. Nichoel! Hello. I am relieved to hear you say that you think Trump is not a leader too. I get worried when I see him gain popularity and I wonder who is he making these gains with, surely NOT my TAM sistas! lol.

      In terms of cultural awareness, one of my absolutely favorite books on the subjest is The Inconvenient Indian, A Curious Account of Native People in North America by Thomas King. It's past present future - hard truths with Tom's fantastic trade mark humor.

      There are two really fabulous documentaries I'd recommend if you want to know about what's happening with our women in this country they are Finding Dawn and Two Worlds Colliding, but I warn you these are not easy watching.
      Not sure if these links will work outside of Canada but give it a shot

      As for Vitality Week!!!! Omigod super exciting. Yes I have recommendations.
      The first is make sure you to eat something at least an hour or so before class, you do not want low blood sugar in that heat and intensity. The second and actually arguably the most important is hydration. Bring with you into the room at least one (I'd take 2) giant bottles of water and a bottle of coconut water for the electrolytes. Don't forget to grab a towel on the way in you'll need that to keep the sweat out of your eyes.
      Lastly, don't be so concerned with "keeping up" take a second to watch the move Tracy is doing before diving in. Better to miss a rep or three off the top and get the moves and angles right, rather than speeding through to keep up and risk an injury. Have a great time.

      When are you going? To a summer one? That is so exciting. I'd love to go.

  2. I want to believe chocolate and cookies are good for you!! How far will this get me?? ;)

    1. I snorted with laughter when I read this. Ha I'm a believer in that too and it isn't getting us far sister, I'm sorry. We are in woolly mammoth territory I'm afraid.

    2. You're right, it's not true. :( So unfair lol.