Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Good morning,

Just a quick check in today. I actually had something rather funny (to me at least) to write about this morning but unfortunately after seeing the news about the terrorist attacks in Brussels, it made all the trivial little quips and complaints seem less funny and even more trivial.

I watched a broadcast to see and hear what was going on and there was some pretty disturbing footage shown that was shot on someone's phone. I guess we the people, the everyday passersby are now catching the moments as they happen. At first all I saw was chaos, the blood, the mayhem, but as I looked closer I caught a glimpse of the truth.

The truth is people are generally good. With our humanity in tact, we have empathy and compassion and genuine concern for our fellow human beings. What I saw in that video beyond the bedlam and confusion was love. I saw medics attending to the wounded, I saw a woman remove her coat and put it over someone in need, I saw people helping each other to their feet, working together to sort through the disaster.

Whoever did this created fear, they caused devastation, committed murder, but what they also created was Solidarity. Community. Co-operation. Support. 

They have strengthened our humanity and our resolve to create peace and harmony among us. We stand on a single spinning blue dot of a planet. 

We are going to learn to take care of it and each other. I see people in Belgium doing that right now. I see the women who are part of the #TAMily doing that every day. I believe that kindness always triumphs.

Big hugs.