Friday, July 1, 2016

Happy Half-Way New Year!

All day long all day long all day long, I could watch fireworks. Seriously, all day long. Did I mention I could watch 'em all day long? 

Unfortunately for me, my dog hates them. So have not had many opportunities to watch the dazzling displays in recent years. But today feels like kind of a big deal. Not only because it's Canada Day and we will be having fireworks across the country, and not only because it's my Great Aunt's birthday today, Happy Birthday Auntie Anne - love you - but also because today is a magical exact halfway point in the year.

How or why is this any different than any other year? Leap year my pretties. We have 183 days behind us and 183 days before us and I feel like leaving all of the work, the heaviness, the effort, the drama, the meanies, and any residual negative feelings about all the shit that's currently going on in our world behind me -- from slavery in Nigeria, to Canada's injustice towards Indigenous people, to the shooting in Orlando, the bombings (plural - f*ck) in Istanbul and Brussels, Brexit, Trump, and the Tracy and Katia workout stuff and more. I'm a no drama mamma. Thank you and good night.

I want to walk through a portal or magical doorway into a peaceful, accepting, loving, non-judgemental, unconditional, authentic space where I'm free to be me and you're free to be you and we can love whomever we choose gay or straight, red, white, yellow, or black, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, or Krisha, cats or dogs, whatever. 

A place where dreams come true, no one is left out, and good health is abundant and no one feels lack of any kind. Is that too much for a girl to wish for on this new day of this new month? Me thinks not. Who's with me?

Okay, lets go.... ready?

Isn't it perfect? Don't you just love it? This doorway sparks my imagination and makes it go all fairy and magic and miracles and shit. So what shall we expect in the new half year? Well what do you want? Have you taken a moment to ask yourself that lately? What do you really want? Why not start with how you'd like to feel?

I'd like to feel happy, I know that much. I'd like to feel at ease. I'd like to do nothing but fun stuff. I like fun. And I'd also like to feel free, untethered like a hot air balloon rising up up up into my limitless potential. 

I want to know that I'm good at what I do and believe with all my heart that I am worthy. That I don't have to earn that worth by doing things that make me feel uncomfortable. I want to be surrounded by people who get me and accept me flaws and all, people who want to see the world be a beautiful positive all-inclusive place. Oooooh and I want to be surrounded by flowers and nature. I want everyone around me to have fresh air and clean water and access to medicine and safe working environments. I'd also like to see ethical treatment of people and animals across the board. Yep, in my world horses and pigs, dogs, cows and little chickens run free, are well fed and happy. No person owns another person. Women can move about safely and go to school or work without fear of retribution from their families or anyone else. Damn I got a lot of wishes for my new world on the other side of that door.

But guess what? I am a writer so I can create multiple worlds populated with all kinds of interesting people and things.

In any case, I needed to exercise some demons today, wipe the slate clean and start the New Half-Year right! So that's what this is all about. Really, I'm not a fanatical idealist with my head buried in the sand. Although, He Who Shall Not Be Named might argue otherwise he he he.

I just want a better tomorrow. What I know for sure is that greater people than me believed we could be better.

With those wise words, I leave you with the virtue for July. LOVE. Obviously. Now walk with me, through the door of today and into our beautiful tomorrow!

Happy second half of 2016!


  1. Happy second half to you too, Shan! I LOVE all the pics you posted, I'm off in a dreamworld now too, through that magical door, into the woodlands where the little creatures live and the birds sing and there is no negative vibe at all. :-)

    I hope you find all the things you wish for, even if some of them only exist in your imagination - nothing wrong with dreaming is there?

    Katia is lovely and I'm glad you introduced me to her. xx

    1. Can't you see us skipping through a meadow filled with flowers? Yay, I'm glad you like her. Her energy is great.

  2. Happy birthday to your Auntie!

    Nate and I had our wedding on Feb. 28th. We were married in the Asheville court house, but had the ceremony back in Texas to celebrate with his big family. I wanted have the ceremony on the 29th SO BAD, but we were one year too early. I've always found leap year so magical. Don't know why, really. (Confession: I have no idea when we got married. December? January? I can't remember. It was a Friday....I'm so terrible with time).

    Cheers to the second half of the year. It started off celebrating your auntie's existence & with fireworks, how can that possibly be a bad thing? Here's to throwing a bit more confetti for shits and giggles, and engaging in a bit more of the ridiculous, and leaning into joyful moments when they appear. Oh, and dogs. Because I love dogs. Dogs dogs dogs. ;)


    1. Celebrating, leaning into the good times, dancing like fools (I added that as I am attempting to learn to dance and at the mo look like a fool) and DOGS. Hell yeah dogs.

  3. What a lovely and thoughtful post. Beautiful!

    1. Thank you, I hope you feel joy all month long Gia.