Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Ninety Days!

Today is a day for celebration. It's one of the few times in my life that I am not too shy or modest to pat my own back and drink a toast in my own honor, for this day marks a huge achievement in my life.

I have gone (not without major struggle) ninety days without sugar. So cheers! Cheers to good health, freedom from sugar addiction, and the knowledge that we can change, we can make better choices, and we can live the life of our dreams.

This is on my desk and I'm drinking it as we speak. (or as I type and you read)

I could never have done it alone. I've had loads of help and support along the way. I have to thank Emery for introducing me to That Sugar Film it showed me why I had to do this. Thanks Elise, Jenne, Leslie, Natalia, Amy, Sophie, Justine - you all have made a major difference in helping me stay on track, in motivating me to keep going, reminding me why this is so important and even though we are all on different paths, some of you are able to now eat sugar and moderate it, others (you know who you are) are addicts like me and hope to be sugar free for life... I owe you a massive debt of gratitude. (God, this is like an Oscar speech or something)

So I raise this glass to you ladies. And to you Myla because you are just so darn good at being a cheerleader and healthy eater and one day I will learn to dance and we'll dance together!

Thanks so much for giving me this precious safe place to come and share the victories, the struggles, the rants, and the good times. I feel very blessed this fine Tuesday.



  1. Rah-Rah-Siss-Boom-SHAN!!! I'll cheer for you any day lady. And this accomplishment is so deserving of beacoup de cheers & a jazzy congrats glass. :) xox - mwah!


  2. thanks for raising awareness and taking me along this beautiful, hard but necessary journey....