Tuesday, July 5, 2016

George Bernard Shaw

"Life is no brief candle to me.
It is a sort of splendid torch which I am permitted to hold for the moment, and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations."

Playwright George Bernard Shaw said that. 

Doesn't that fill you with a kind of hope? The desire to do more? To be better? To create positive change in the world? Not so that others will remember you, but so that others can live in a better tomorrow?

I don't know about you but I'm into astrology and horoscopes and stuff. I don't know if they are true but I find them fascinating. I was recently introduced to the work of Numerologist Kari Samuels and I'm digging her vibe. She doesn't do typical astrology or specific star sign forecasts. She's more in tune with the planets and universal numbers and she does a reading for the month that sort of applies to everyone. I can't really claim to know exactly what she does or how but I enjoy her always positive outlook.

I thought I would share the takeaways from her July reading. 

She said July is all about Trust. Truth. and Transformation. Allow me to digress before going further with her thoughts, if you will.

We are exactly half way through the year and I don't know about you guys, but I sure have been feeling like I've been put through the ringer. It's like I have been sucked through some kind of vortex or wormhole wherein everything I thought I knew was some how topsy turvy and I found myself in an upside down version of my life. It's like things or people you thought you knew or could count on let you down or faded away. New people that you thought you hardly knew suddenly become your closest bud. Stuff you thought would be there forever got lost. Dreams you had no longer enticed you. Or things you thought you could never do started to become second nature, like giving up sugar.

(Side note: I gave myself a goal of being completely sugar-free for three months or 90 days to be exact. Hello my name is Shan and I'm a sugar-holic, I have 97 days. Yesterday I decided to test myself. I added 1 single solitary cube of raw cane sugar to my tea, because that was the thing I'd been moaning about for the past three months, how crappy my sugarless tea tastes. I took a few sips and you won't even believe it... I dumped it out and made a fresh cup with no sugar. It tasted so fake and weird! This has literally NEVER happened to me before. See? Wormhole. Upside down world. Topsy turvy everything is now different place. And this is just one tiny example.)

Plus it was like the last couple of months, everything seemed to grind to a halt. Oh sure I was still writing and working and making a tiny bit of progress here and there, but for the most part is was like trying to run a marathon while being waist deep in wet cement. You are bound to make some progress if you don't give up and let the cement harden around you, but you sure aren't winning any prizes for speed. Do you know what I mean? Or has it just been me?

In any case, it's only really been the last two or three days that I feel I've emerged on the other side. A slightly newer, slicker, or somehow better version of myself. Shan Masters two point oh. (2.0) I see my imperfections and love them anyway. I choose to focus on the things that bring me joy rather than resting in that irritated space where I look at all the stuff in my life that still hasn't worked out yet or may be lacking. He who shall not be named says I have Ostrich syndrome. He thinks I'd rather bury my head in the sand rather than have all the information. I prefer to think of it as selective focusing. I am playing the "glad game", better known as the cup is half full. 

And now that I am on the other side (there hasn't been anything definitive or distinct that's taken place, I just some how 'feel' different) I feel better, more hopeful and positive. It's like knowing that my life is really really good and I am so lucky to have it. Or as Shaw would say it, my torch is burning brightly.

So in the July spirit of trust, truth and transformation, let me give you the three things that Kari Samuels suggests we focus on this month to squeeze the absolute most out of this vibrant summer month. (I'll paraphrase)

1) Living in truth is all about being your authentic self. Even if that means that not everyone is going to "get you". Just be you. It's enough. Your tribe will find you. (right Sophie?) So Kari says to really tune in and listen to your body. It's a vessel of intuition. I love that. Forget your mind, it will deceive you every time. I know my mind is constantly saying eat a bagel, have a brownie, skip your workout, take the day off from writing. My mind is no bueno! Feel into the depths of your body for truth. Is there some activity that you really want to like, but the truth is every time you have to go off and do it you get a knot in your stomach? Or a person you feel you should love (perhaps a family member) but each time you're on your way to see them or speak with them you're filled with angst or dread? That's your body speaking its truth to you. It's your job to tune in and listen!

2) Two follows one so brilliantly. Kari says this month, try to be brutally honest. Face the shit (I said I was paraphrasing here didn't I) in your life that you're not okay with. You deserve more. Change can be scary but don't be afraid of it. Is there a relationship or partnership that deep down inside you know isn't working? Be honest and brave and face that.  Pay attention to what you really want. Be honest with yourself AND be honest with OTHERS! That's a tough one isn't it? But the truth really will set you free. Are you working a job you abhor? Why not ask yourself what you'd rather be doing and find a way to incorporate more of that into your life? Now is the time, we only have the now.

3) Retreat into nature. Get near water if you can. Find some solitude so you have the space you need to go within. Nature has very yin energy, it's restorative and healing. Take this time to process everything you've gone through in the last six months, so you're able to heal old wounds, clear up old karma and stagnant engery and move on.

And that's it. If you want to hear everything Kari has to say about July, check out her video HERE.

Honestly, I had just read the GBS quote on my morning calendar and loved it so much that I was simply going to pop in and share that and nothing more. But you know me, once I get going... Thanks for tuning in. 

It is my fondest wish that the second half of the year is going to bear beautiful fruits for us all! Happy Tuesday noble reader, have a lovely day.


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  1. I really love this post Shan. I've read it three times over the past few days, and then....had no extra words to add except for: "yerp." I thought more profound words would come to me with time. Nope. Yerp it is. If you lived closer I'd hive-five you and then give you a hug too. :)

    xo, myla

    (oh oh oh....I was super pumped to read that bit about the sugar lump! I've been so curious about how if your palate changed over time).