Thursday, November 20, 2014

Going Weightless!

How’d you like to go weightless with me this holiday season? I’m not talking anti-gravity or a space movie; I’m talking about being weightless in the sense of memories of a time before we weighed ourselves. How far back do you have to go? Childhood? Teens? Early twenties? Okay even I laughed at that last one.

Perhaps some have never been lucky enough to not be intimate with the scale, but I have memories of being a kid, running around in the woods or at the lake, never thinking twice about how I looked in my swimsuit or shorts. Sure, my Grandmother would often remind me to hold in my tummy so I wouldn’t grow up to be one of those ladies with a fat belly. “Gran, there was no way to prevent my Abcentricity I’m afraid, but you should know that wherever you are, if you’re looking down on me right now, I’m sucking it in.” Ha ha.

It seems as though somehow this weight-consciousness has just crept into our lives and become part of the every day. We watch what we eat. We feel guilty when we fail. We pretox, detox, diet, and binge. We workout. We work. We have families and fun. We never have time. Yet weekly, sometimes daily, we step on that damned scale and it determines our worth; if not our worth, at least our mood for the day. Since finding TAM and going on my first “diet” four years ago, (yikes has it been that long?) I feel like I have become a yoyo-er. My weight is up, it’s down, I feel good, I feel bad, I work hard, I slack off. I still workout five or six days a week but I am tired of spinning my wheels where diet and weight are concerned. Is this what mid-life is supposed to be like? Me thinks not! I am quoting Shakespeare or something like him there btw.

With five weeks until Christmas I have made a decision to do something different. I am going weightless. 

I’m putting away the bathroom scale and my Tracy Anderson tape measure and I am going to experience what it felt like to be a kid at holiday time. Fortunately I had a good mother when it came to the holidays. She baked and bought chocolates, but she also made sure there were fresh whole nuts on hand complete with a shiny nutcracker. She also stocked up on Mandarin oranges and fresh veggies. She was good about creating balance for us. Thanks for the memories, Mama. (It was no doubt harder on her this time of year since she used the bathroom scale and her Jane Fonda workouts et al). But we were allowed a cookie or two, perhaps one chocolate, but not the whole box, never the whole box, and we were encouraged to “fill up” on the other things. To this day I love those little easy to peel oranges and cracking a walnut or an almond from its shell.

Instead of looking outside of ourselves for comfort and joy this season, why not keep checking in within ourselves? Let's ask ourselves the questions that our parents might have asked when we were moody as kids. How do you feel? What do you really want? More importantly, what do you need? 

I don't know about you, but I don’t want to cross chocolate off my Christmas wish list; I no longer want to make an enemy of the things I love. But I certainly don’t want to have to purchase a pair of Fat Pants in the New Year either. Perhaps if we pay attention in the moment to what’s going on inside of us, we can intuitively guide ourselves through the season coming out on the other side with fond memories and some semblance of a waistline. 

Yes, I’ll no doubt still have to “suck it in” but at least maybe "it" won’t be bursting to get out.

I also like the idea of working toward a goal. The goal here being to see if I can keep trim and fit so that when I do next step in to weigh myself, the number I see there won’t be a shocker. Perhaps I can look forward to a little dip in that number instead, and thinking about that might keep me from guzzling the whole bottle of champagne. Oh who am I kidding, when it comes to champagne there's no stopping me and besides, I wasn't allowed champagne as a kid. I digress.

Weightless it is, starting today. So, dear scale, you get a break this holiday season too. Enjoy the warm comfort of being under the bed. Don’t get too used to it, you’ll be back to work in 2015.



  1. My scale has been hidden away nicely for the last couple of weeks... I'm saving it for the week before Christmas.... The idea was to be at my healthiest weight by the time we travel to Germany so I can enjoy the delights of the german Christmas... I don't know what's going to happen Shan, there are a lot of parties before I shouldn't go to but really want to. The challenge is there... will I go to these parties and control my gougeres and champagne addiction?? Will I stay at home drinking herbal tea while I watch Newsroom and Homeland???? There will be a lot of Tracy that's for sure, I'll let you know...but the odds are looking pretty slim right now....

    1. Natalia, You should go to the parties. Be social. Have fun. Champagne doesn't have that many calories, just fill up on the bubbly! Do NOT stay home and watch TV, that's just way too sad. Go out, laugh, eat, drink, celebrate and work out. Even if you gain a bit of weight, you'll still be really toned underneath it all. Ha ha, that's my plan anyway.

  2. Just as an alternative.

    I hate to say it, cuz then I give the TA bashers cred sorta, but is it possible you may have messed up your metabolism? Too much cardio, TAs diet?

    1. Hey Gia, not too much cardio, never too much cardio, I rarely do cardio. But... the diet. Maybe, yes very possibly. Thanks for the link, she seems really super cool!

  3. Hi Shan - love this. I've been thinking about this subject a lot lately. This time next year, I won't be thinking "I wish I hadn't eaten "x" at that holiday party", or "I wish I had weighed "y" during the holidays last year". I'll instead be thinking about (hopefully) the special moments I had with people I love. As a matter of fact, I probably won't remember "x" or "y" at all this time next year, so I should not give them so much power/importance! And to keep it real, I need to remember that desserts or champagne etc etc do not taste any better this time of year than they do at any other, so I need to try to mostly keep it healthy as I usually do. But I do plan on indulging now and then, and I don't want to hate myself for it (so stupid) so last week I started my own little work out challenge that I will commit to for the rest of the year - upping my exercise a little bit to hopefully even out the extra goodies that may be consumed. And in any event, the extra exercise will be good for me during this crazy time of year and keep my head clear and happy. xoxo Donna

    1. Wow Donna, you hit the nail on the head with " desserts and champagne do not taste any better this time of the year than they do at any other" so true. It's not as though this is the only time of year we have access to these treats so we don't need to act as tho they are in short supply and get them all down into our bellies at once.

      Moderation and a little more movement. Love it! You go girl.