Sunday, December 21, 2014

Winter Solstice.

What a beautifully perfect day. Not only is it Sunday, the official start to a fresh new week that just happens to hold within it Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day, today is also the new moon AND it's Winter Solstice too! The shortest day, longest night of the year. If we can endure tonight's darkness, tomorrow the light begins to seep back in. I just love that.

I think I dig the Winter Solstice more than Christmas, because I am an introvert and this day gives permission to go within, to reflect on our lives if you will and ya'll know how much I love my reflections.

I feel so fortunate to be living here on the Northwest coast of Canada, yet I often feel alien here. I don't feel I belong here so I know this isn't permanent. 

Still what is? The only real constant is change, we are ever-evolving and seeking and growing. The trick is, are we looking within for true guidance? Or are we being pulled along by circumstance? Are we living conditionally or unconditionally? And by that I don't mean unconditionally as in the sense of unconditional love that we might be used to hearing about -- "that person annoys the shit out of me, but I am going to do my damnedest to love them anyway! Grrrrrrr."

No. I mean making the choice to be happy, to choose love over fear, to think in a positive manner, no matter what life throws at us. To choose to feel good and feel well even though our circumstances might be a bit on the crap side. I mean who among us doesn't have something to complain about, something we wish were different, something we long to do better or be more successful at? Sure. We all do. But it's how we approach those challenges that matter at the end of the day. Rather than complain about what isn't working, we can choose to focus on what is working, there-by picking happiness over sadness etc.

I love to read the New Moon report from The Cosmic Path. Something that I read there today struck a chord:

The darkness of the new Moon matches the darkness of the day, of the invitation to go within and soak up the healing qualities of peace and quiet. Pluto in Capricorn, conjunct Venus, invites deep reflection. What is it that you truly wish to do with your time here?

Be gentle with yourself over these next couple of months. Acknowledge the seed of light that is growing brighter and also allow yourself to go deeper into rest when you can. The growing light over the next several months will wake you when it is time to emerge more fully. If a year were a day, this time might be thought of as predawn – when you can see the light but know you have a few more hours to luxuriate; to sleep, dream, to be cozy and warm....

The new Moon invites you to look within at dynamics that empower and those that don’t, to take responsibility for your actions and to live with authenticity. Many shifts have already taken place and another clearing will take place before more new people, ideas, and opportunities arise. There is a continuous sifting process occurring, a discarding of what is inessential, a shedding of old skins, layer after layer.

When I reflect on what it means to be free, I realize freedom isn’t about total separation and autonomy. My first instinct in thinking about freedom is to focus on ‘me’ as separate from everything else. But we are never truly separate. The wave never separates from the sea. We are part of nature. So it feels to me like freedom is about being as in harmony as possible with that which I am, and less identified with that which I am not. Harmonizing with nature, love, the stars, and with each other feels like freedom. With that freedom comes relaxation and the ability to express my unique essence as an expression of nature.

When I remember I am connected to everything around me, I feel a sudden great relief, realizing I don’t have to be working so hard to hold myself up as separate.  Like the trees, we have interconnected roots and hold each upright. The more any of us strengthens our foundation, the more we all benefit.

Isn't there just something about this day, this time of year that makes you want to take a look at where you've come from and set your sights on the horizon of where you want to go? Use these extra hours of darkness to turn inward, to listen to that quiet still voice within that holds the wisdom of the ages and see what answers emerge in the dawn.

Happy Winter Solstice, happy holidays, may you feel the deluge of a tidal wave of blessing and good fortune in this coming new year.

Oh yes, and PS, if any of you are doing Tracy Anderson's live stream class, please let me know how it goes.

Big hugs,



  1. Still loving year 4. Would love to hear about =anyone streaming too! Love your message about being connected. We all are! Happy New Year.

    1. Amazing Tricia, I am so happy to hear that. I ended up re-enrolling in Continuity and my year four should be here in a couple of weeks and of course I couldn't stop myself from the live stream. I really tried. But it's wonderful. Did you sign up? It's great to be able to close out 2014 on such a strong note.
      Happy New Year to you too, love. Onwards and upwards!

  2. Okay, I am not tech savvy. How do you stream it onto your TV? or do you just watch it on your computer? IPad? Also, how long is each segment? Once she starts video taping them, will I start at number 1 or the current one for the week that you are on? I am ultra excited!!! I want to know more! Does she do ab work? Since Y3 she does more planks than anything, no on your back ab work, which I prefer... anyway. TElll us more more more more!

    1. Ha ha ha, I stream it on my TV through my laptop. You can do the same with your iPhone - get an HDMI cable to connect them. You can google this and find a site to walk you through it. There has only been two weeks so far - I am on the second week so not sure how long last week was but this one is an hour and about 4 minutes - but they break for water and to put weights on, yes it's live. Like live live - no edits.
      No floor abs - there was about 2 minutes of plank stuff which I couldn't do because of my neck, but there is standing abs and these moves really target the abdominal area anyway.
      So lets say you sign up tomorrow - Dec 30. It happens to be a Wednesday which is when the new workout comes out. You would start at the week that's out - it's all meant to be super current and it sure feels it. Tricia, the energy she emits and thereby transfers to you is unlike any other workout I've done with her before. The Beginner mat and cardio sort of come close because she has a conversation with you - but this is different - it's sweaty and hard and other people in the room struggled as much as I did - not all of them obvi - but some and I love those people!
      Just do it - you won't regret it!

  3. Did it!!! Probably start next week due to the holiday. I exercise in the morning can you access the new one Wed. AM? Like 5:30AM? I'm just wondering if they don't post until Wednesday day, then I would have Thurs-Tuesday 6 days to access, unless I wanted to do the new routine Wednesday evening. Or is the other available Wed. AM until the new one is posted? curious. Anyway, my 4.2 is backordered so this is perfect....... I will figure out how to juggle both, or do streaming for 6 months, then do continuity the other 6?????? Can't wait. Thanks Shan and happy new year!

    1. Yay yay yay! Tricia, I am so excited for you! The old workout is up in the day until the new one is posted so you could totally do it in the morning. Today's was posted at just after 4 PST.
      I was asking customer service - and she didn't know for sure for sure (look at me starting rumors here) but she thinks months 4-6 of year 4 might be the last of it. They will be out in March.
      So perhaps Live Stream is the new Continuity? Makes sense.
      In any case, HAPPY NEW YEAR Mate - see you in class! Ha ha.