Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hot Water to Lose Weight... Whaaaat??!

A little while ago I read "The Everygirl's Guide to Diet and Fitness" by Maria Menounos. If you don't know her, you should. She's an entertainment show host, former Dancing With the Stars champ and an all around cool chick. In her book she suggests that an excellent way to drop a few pounds is to drink hot water.

Mmm hmmm. Can you hear the skepticism in my voice, Maria? 

She claims that for her it was a game changer. She says that drinking it after a meal is especially helpful with digestion - "think of it as melting the food in your stomach." Um yes and Coke disintegrates rust. I think that'd do a pretty good job of digesting the food but I'm not gonna start drinking it.

She goes on to suggest that it's warm and comforting, like coffee, but cleaner. Yes but it's not coffee!

Maria, like the rest of us still gains a few pounds now and then -- you know holidays and celebrations and whatnot -- but when she switched to hot water she lost ten pounds. Just like that. It happened naturally. Really?

I'm not a fan of dieting, mostly because I wind up with a face-full of dirt from falling off the damned diet wagon, but also because I don't want to become prey to the yoyo syndrome. On a diet, off a diet, on again, off again. Boo. I want balance. I want easy. Lets be honest, diets are hard!

Since I've just been on a short holiday wherein all I did was swing in a hammock reading a fabulous book, roast marshmallows on the campfire, (located right next to said hammock of course) and eat cookies, let's just say that I could stand to melt some food.

Finally home and getting back into my healthier eating regime, I'm finding it hard to give up my cookie habit cold turkey. I'm trying to cut back, I really am, but I wouldn't mind to get those pounds off without having to give the cookies up altogether.

Oh stop judging. I'll give 'em up eventually. Just not today. Or tomorrow. Or this week. Shut up!

So hot water, huh? Ten pounds, just naturally? Sure, okay I'm game. Hot water it is.

Yep, I'm drinkin' it as I type. How to best explain the experience to you. 

Have you ever smoked? It's like giving up smoking, then trying to curb your cravings by sucking on a straw. All you're getting is air. That's not very satisfying. I mean it is if you've been under water for any length of time but who can think of something like that in the middle of a nic-fit? Thank goodness I gave that up years ago. 

Drinking hot water is also akin to drinking a non-alcoholic wine. Why? Why would you do that? Gimme one good reason why you'd not just grab a fruit juice or a soda? I mean apart from the fact that soda is bad for us as we've just established above. 

You have been reading this right? Coke eats through rust. Or did you just pop out to put the kettle on to make yourself a cup of... hot water. Yeah, I thought so.

I don't know how long this new hot water habit will last. Maybe just today. However, if there's even a hint that it might be working...

I'll be gettin' me a straw for that beast!



  1. Ok, let's try it then... how weird though....

    1. I know, it's like... odd. Maybe it will be come our new favorite thing.

  2. I read Maria's fitness book on your recommendation. It was full of so many awesome tips that struck me as a bit odd at first but then I found myself totally agreeing with Maria's recommendations - like how trying to live clutter free and having a sense of urgency can also help us stay in shape.

    So thanks for the reminder about the hot water tip. I'm putting my kettle on now!

    1. I love love love her book and yes, so many good tips. I am going to put mine on too. He he he.

  3. I drink hot water quite often Shan! The reason I started doing it a few years ago was the fact that I don't really like the coffee I make at work as I don't take full fat milk and I only have stevia, so it's not a 'proper' coffee and tastes pretty rank. I do find that hot water feels really cleansing and the good thing is you can even let it go cold but still drink up! I hope your new habit (along with the Matcha green tea!) really does help melt those cookies away, it's worth a shot!
    Janice x

    1. Ha ha, Janice I love that. You can let it go cold and still drink it. That's bloody brilliant.
      Does it help you keep weight off do you think??