Monday, December 18, 2017

The Sixth Day of Christmas - the animals

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty darn surprised that I'm still here on day six - the halfway point in our Twelve Days of Christmas - the Vegan Special. Or maybe you're not even reading this, could be you're just hitting delete when you see me in your in box. Sorry. But... Even if that is case, I'm still doing it for myself. I need all the help I can get. 

Now, as we inch closer to the deadline of January 1st, when we've agreed to go green for the eighteen - or go vegan in January (veganuary} I thought this might be a good time to talk more about...

Love The Animals

I've written a bit about the cows and how mamma cows cry for their babies and babies really need their moms. Milk sucks dude. For the happy reunions of some rescued cows, go take a look here.

And if you want to see something truly special, watch and listen to this mamma pig singing to her babies. Pigs are my absolute fave. They are so smart and talented and sweet and adorable and awesome.

In case you haven't got what I'm driving at yet, animals - all animals - have feelings. They bond with their young, they respond to kindness, they suffer when they are abused and none of them want to be caged up, starved, beaten or slaughtered any more than you or I want to.

Some people find it hard to believe or simply refuse to acknowledge that "farm animals" have desires or can think for themselves. But they do. They're just like our pets. I don't know if you have a pet, but I have a dog. His name is Rama and he's super smart - so smart he can do math. If I put three cookies in my pocket and only give him two - he knows damned well that three minus two equals one and that there's another cookie in my pocket. He's very food motivated. But he also has feelings.

Two and a half years ago when we were moving across the country from Vancouver to Toronto, we drove. We decided that we'd take the quicker route and go through the United States which meant that we had to cross the boarder. When we stopped at the gate, the guard decided that he wanted to pull our truck apart and question us. Separately. It was pretty intimidating. And the first thing they did before we even got to the building? The took Rama away from us and put him in a cage.  I have never heard my dog howl and cry like that before. He was so worried and scared and I did not want to leave him any more than he wanted to be left.  How the hell do you think a baby cow or baby pig feels when it's ripped away from its mama? it doesn't just go along like la la la. No. It fights to say with her, it cries and gets very stressed out.

If I'm at the door putting on my boots and coat and Rama thinks I'm going for a walk without him, he is at that door trying to push his way out so he doesn't get left behind. But he doesn't even bother getting up when he senses that I'm going to work or off to get groceries. He knows the difference.

Do you honestly in your heart of hearts believe that an animal does not know that the worst is happening when it gets loaded up to slaughter? Wake up! Of course it knows. And at that point, do you really think it matters whether it was on a so called "happy sustainable grass-fed" farm or not? Hell no. Most cows can live to be as old as twenty, but if they're caught in the system as a beef cow - happy farm or not - they're lucky to live to the ripe old age of two. It's time to remove our blinders.

I want to remind you of something that I was reminded about when I listened to Gary Yourofsky speak - he said when we were little kids, animals were our friends. We loved them. We gravitated toward them. Why the heck do you think our parents took us to petting zoos instead of slaughter houses? If you put a two year old kid in a cage with a live bunny rabbit and an apple - they are going to eat the apple and pet the bunny. We have been trained to turn off our compassion for animals. We have been brainwashed into thinking that they don't matter somehow. Or that they don't have feelings. Why is it that we put some animals on the stove and others we rescue? What's the fucking difference? Sorry but I'm still quite raw and very passionate about this.

Let's do better. We can do better and we must. 2018 is going to be the year that together we shift the paradigm toward compassion, dignity, respect and love - for all animals!



  1. Such a good point about the animals knowing exactly what's coming. And even if it's done quickly or with the least amount of suffering in that final moment, the whole act of killing beautiful animals who've done no wrong is shocking when you stop to think.

    Sorry to hear Rama was so distressed at the border control, you must've been so upset hearing him in distress like that. Even our cats know the difference between me clanking about their food bowls when washing up compared to me getting the bowls organised to put their food into. Nothing gets past these lot ;-) xx

    1. Yes, they are so smart. I love your cats.